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Diamond &CBN Compact tools

Diamond &CBN Compact Cutting tools


Diamond Compact is sintered polycrystalline diamond composit known as PCD. CBN Compact is sintered polycrystalline CBN composit known as PCBN.

The Physical properties of tool materials

Tool materials Knoop hardness
Natural diamond 8000~12000
Diamond compact 6000~8000
CBN 4700
CBN compact 3400~4000
Tungsten carbide (K10) 1800~2200

Tool application and case histories

Diamond compact and natural diamond tools

non-ferrous materials aluminium alloys  copper・copper-alloy[brass ・bronze]
zinc-alloy  titanium-alloy  manganin  magnesium alloy
tungsten carbide  cermet
precious stones[gold・silver・pratinum]
non-metal plastics  FRP  hard-rubber  hard-paper
graphite  ceramics  ferrites  asbestos

CBN Compact tools

Hardened alloy steel Carbon steel(SK)  High carbon chrome bearing steel(SUJ)  steinless steel(SUS)
Chrome molydebynum steel(SCM)  Nickel chrome molybdebynum steel(SNCM)
Tool steel High speed tool steel(SKH) Alloy tool steel(SKS, SKD, SKT) Carbon tool steel(SK)
Chilled iron Chilled cast iron  Meehanite cast iron
Heat-resistant alloy Nickel base alloy:Inconel、Rune、Monel、Incoloy、Waspaloy
Cobalt base alloy:Stellite、Colmonoy、Warrex

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