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Diamond Compact Cutting tools


31 type  slant blade 33 type side facing blade 33D type side facing blade 35 type straight tool 37 type slant blade 37J type slant blade 37R type slant blade OR type fit cutting/chamfering 43 type cutoff/grooving 47 ype internal 49 type helicoid/thread cutting 51 type thread cutting 41B type horizontal blade 37Q type inverted slant blade 43M type grooving K type insert (w/ and w/o hole) L type bozaLock N type flat blad/fit cutting BR type boring Endmill w/one cutting edge(tungsten carbide axis)・2 cutting edges(tungsten carbide axis)

Cobalt base alloy: Stellite, Colmoroy, warrex

Diamond Compact tools

Diamond Compact tools have superior wear resistance to any other tool materials. Diamond compact is made of tungsten carbide substrate and the polycrystalline diamond composits, sintered together into one piece. Therefore, it has impact resistance and rigidity of tungsten carbide and no cleavage plane of polycrystalline diamond, all of which protects the diamond compact tool from chipping and cracking hence gives a longer tool life while it shows excellent performance. Furthermore, it also shows remarkable works on truing and dressing of alumina and silicon carbide wheels.

Features of Diamond Compact Tools

  • Workpieces which generate quick wear on tungsten carbid turning tools or ceramic turning tools are suited.
  • Hardness and wear resistance are always consistent in any direction that makes the tool to improve efficiency in machining and stable in operation for long hours.
  • Diamond compact has better impact resistance than that of natural diamond.
  • It doesn't generate built-up edge easily so fine finished surface can be achieved consistently.
  • It shows very good performance in heavy grinding and combination grinding.
  • It has sharp cutting ability with which high precise surface can be made.
    However, it can apply to finishing at level of 0.25~0.4μmRam but not mirror finish.
  • It cannot applu to ferrous material machining.
  • It can be used again after the cutting edges are re-ground.

Cutting condition of Diamond Compact tools

Workpieces Cutting speed(m/min) Depth of cut(mm) Feed(mm/rev)
Aluminium 460 ~ 1500 0.5 ~5.0 0.05 ~ 0.2
Bronze 330 ~ 1000 0.1 ~0.5 0.02 ~ 0.15
Tungsten carbide 120 ~ 450 0.01~0.15 0.02 ~ 0.08
G F R P 120 ~ 1100 0.1 ~1.0 0.02 ~ 0.25
C F R P 150 ~ 600 0.1 ~1.0 0.1 ~ 0.4
Aluminum Ceramics 120 ~ 450 0.01~0.15 0.02 ~ 0.1


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