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About our company

President speech

Cryston is the company of over 70 year history since we started R & D works on diamond wheels in 1937 and succeeded to manufacture the wheels in 1938, the first Japanese of its type for actual use. The company was interrupted during the world war second, however, soon after the war, we reconstructed the company where we started again to manufacture resin bond wheels, honing stones and others, At the same time, we carried out on R & D works of diamond tools and thru all of these works we built firm foundation of Cryston.

Since then, we supply diamond and CBN wheels of metal, resin, vitrified and other bonds and electroplated forms, compact tools, hand-stones, files, honing stones, various dressers, diamond paste, neo-handlappers to meet users' requirements while endeavoring to improve performance of tools and trying to expand application fields with the tools. The high quality of our tools is recognized by specialists of various fields. We devote always on R & D works of new products.

Cryston Diamond Industry Co., Ltd.
President Kingo Oda

About our company

Cryston head office
Name Cryston Diamond Industry Co., Ltd.
Established March 1st, 1938
Capital \20million
Representative President Kingo Oda
Head Office/
Tamagawa Office
2-28-14 Tamagawa, Ota-ku, Tokyou.
Tel 03-3759-7405 Fax 03-3759-3166
Chidori Laboratory 〒146-0085 
3-15-3 Chidori, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Tel 03-3759-7404 Fax 03-3759-5159

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Company profile

1937(Showa12) January ODA, Shoji, founded
1938(Showa 13) April Asahina Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. was established at 3-761 Kojiya, Kamata-k, Tokyo.
1945(Showa 20) May Main office and factory were burnt completely in a Tokyo air raid and the company was forced to be disorganized.
1950(Showa 25) January Asahina Grinding Works was established as private enterpriset by Shoji Oda.
1952(Showa 27) January The factory was moved for expansion to 122 Yaguchi-machi, Ota-ku Tokyo.
1959(Showa 34) April The company was changed its name to Cryston Industrial Co., Ltd. with capital of \2million.
1960(Showa 35) May The capital was increased to \3.8million.
1961(Showa 36) July The company joined the Diamond Industrial Association of Japan and its cooperative.
1964(Showa 39) October The first scheme of Main factory building was completed and the capital increased to \5.7million yen.
1966(Showa 41) January he company name was changed to Cryston Diamond Industry Co., Ltd.
1968(Showa 43) September Due to Government change of address listing, the address was changed to 砂?的主要型号5-3 chidori, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
1970(Showa 45) June cryston was elected as a member of board directors of Industrial Diamond Association.
1970(Showa 45) October The second scheme of the main factory building was completed.
1974(showa 49) April the capital was increased to \20million.
1981(Showa 56) August Managing director and chairman ODA, Shoji and managing director and president ODA, Kingo were appointed
1986年(Showa 61) November Chairman Shoji Oda was decorated with a Blue Ribbon Medal at the 1986 Autumn conferment.
1987(Showa 62) January 50th anniversary of the founding the company was celebrated.
1993(Heisei 5) April The third scheme of building expansion was completed and the head office was moved to 2-28-14 Tamagawa, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
1997(Heisei 9) January The 60th anniversary of founding the company was celebrated.
1997(Heisei 9) March Chidori Laboratory was completed.
2006(Heisei 18) September to now.

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Our R & D works

1937(Showa 12) January Shoji Oda started the R & D works on diamond wheels.
1938(Showa13) April The first resin bond wheel in Japan was developed.
1953(Showa 28) March A vitrified bond wheel and a hand-stone were developed as the first goods of the type in Japan.
1954(Showa 29) March A metal bond wheel was successfully developed.
1955(Showa 30) July A Neo Hand lapper V was developed as the first goods of the kind in Japan.
1960(Showa 35) april A profile grinding diamond wheel was made as the first one in Japan.
1962(Showa 37) June Registered trade mark
1962(Showa 37) October A mesh dresser was made as the first in Japan.
1965(Showa 40) May Electroplted diamond tools were successfully produced.
1965(Showa 40) May A dry-cutter for stone was developed.
1969(Showa 44) August Diamond paste was made.
1972(Showa 47) September A wheel to grind cutting edges of a hand-saw for wood-machining was developed to create sensation in wood sawing industry.
1975(Showa 50) May Compact cutting tools and various grinding wheels to generate the cutting edges were developed and marketed.
1975(Showa 50) September Heat resistant resin bond was developed.
1991(Heisei 3) July Compound PF bond for Ultra thin wheels to machine thin slots was devloped.
2004(Heisei 16) April 10 several patests were obtained since the company was founded.

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